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This car takes the five-door-only Civic bodyshell and applies some pretty serious surgery. The cosmetic sort, you'll spot yourself. That huge rear wing, side skirts, hilarious venting that thinks it's nabbed from a 991 GT3 RS. It's at once Max Power, OTT and brutal - and yet distinctive and an antidote to the sanitised Germanic polish that's gradually become the norm in GTI-ville. Make up your own mind on the gaudy styling, but there's no denying the serious engineering at the heart of the new 2015 Type R programme. Honda calls it 'a race car for the road,' and the spec bears that out. Even those swollen, cheesily tacked-on wheelarches are bespoke, crafted from aluminium to save 42% of heft compared with if they were fashioned from steel. This is Honda's first turbocharged Type R in history. The VTEC variable valve timing and lift remains, but it's now assisted by a large, single blower to ram more air into the 1996cc four-pot. Raw figures are these: 306bhp at 6500rpm and 295lb ft of twist, developed in a broad smear from 2500-4500rpm. Taming that at the front end is a limited slip differential between a set of 235/35 R19 Continental tyres, suspended by a dual axis strut. And there's no multi-link rear end, just a lower-tech torsion beam holding the back axle. http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-reviews/honda/honda-civic-type-r-2015-review/ ************************************************ Having ourselves established as well-known Car Performance Specialists in the car industry in Singapore, Garage R Pte Ltd runs our in-house workshop with experienced car mechanics to fulfil your service and maintenance needs. For more information, feel free to WhatsApp us at 97731500 / 98399288 or to swing by our office and workshop at 8 Tagore Drive, #01-00 Techniques Building, Singapore 787624! Drive on!