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As stated. ALL ITEM IS BRAND NEW. Like seriously. I never use before. Lol But even though is brand new, some was kept in storage for sometime so it might not look brand new at all. So i will state the condition. YELLOW CARD CASE/POUCH - $1 (will give free if u purchase other item) *original package i threw it cause is quite bad condition. Item still good condition* Brown notebook (with bear infront) - $1.50 *brand new, inside is single-line notebook* Pink notebook - $2.50 *In great condition, inside have mixture of single-line page & just plain designed page. See pic 3 & 4 for example* Korean-Traditional Pouch - $3.50 *Brand new* Hippo clip holder - $1.50 *package look old but is still new. Never use* Disney Tigger Magic Towel - $4 *Is original bought from HK Disney* You can see 2nd pic for measurement size. Foldable Fan - FREE *just pay postage/meetup fee* *Brand new, never use* No nego because i personally think is very cheap so yup~ MEETUP: See my profile/bio for meetup date,time & area. POSTAGE: Not free. PLEASE PAY 😊 ❌50% DEPOSIT ❌NO RESERVE UNLESS VALID REASON

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