WTS/WTT High End Amps. (Orange/D13/MesaBoogie/Marshall/Diezel


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Divided By 13 JRT 9/15 Head - $2300 Sparkly cleans to grinding gain . This amp is a work of art and frankly should not be sold so cheap. So oxidation on metal bits but doesn't affect anything . (will provide the cabinet as well but due to grill cloth I will offer this together at a ridiculous steal of $2300 non neg and yes they come together and not separated. It's an easy fix) . If you want the cab alone, I'd deal at $500 . But I will not sell the head without the cab . Local Voltage Orange OR80 - $2300 Amazing amp, vintage vibe . Orange has always made amazing amps and the OR Series was very much part of putting them on the map. Great cleans , drive to vintage gain . Sounds great with pedals as well . GREAT at low volumes Local Voltage Mesa Boogie MKV 25 Head - $2200 Come grab this baby. Portable , powerful , Loud as hell when need be. This amp will definitely take you from gig to gig I assure you. Great send return . Comes with amp cover and footswitch. Local Voltage Diezel VH4 Head - $4200 This amp is a beast . Used by Metallica , Muse and so many other GREAT bands with brootal tones . I'm lucky to have owned this . But it's time to move on. Local Voltage Marshall Super Lead 76' - $2000 Replaced some parts with Ceriatone parts . 59' SLP Mod done to it and of course a PPIMV to aid with bedroom playing and not killing small animals . It was also in Malmsteen's wall of amps when he was here and was played by Zakk Wylde . Sick amp and seen a few shows . Sweet when needed and blistering when cranked (at even at Low volumes with this PPIMV) . Local Voltage Text me 91734359. Trades accepted , cash preferred . Will trade for Telecasters(Vintage or Custom Shop) / Gibson ES's/ Gretsch White Falcon

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