X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs Vampires HC


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Blood flows in the streets of San Francisco as Xarus, son of Dracula, builds an army of bloodsuckers to conquer the X-Men and create a new breed of mutant vampires! The mutant heroes battle all manner of vampire - including a vampiric whale - as their science team works feverishly to find a cure for the blood-borne virus spread by Xarus. They'll enlist the aid of vampire-slayer Blade and even contemplate the unthinkable: Can they resurrect Dracula himself, slain by Xarus, to combat his own son? Do they dare? Collecting X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - STORM & GAMBIT, X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - SMOKE & BLOOD, X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS - BLADE, X-MEN VS. VAMPIRES #1-2 and UNCANNY X-MEN #159. Meetup at any east side MRT stations on weekdays or central/town area on weekends (subject to availability), no postage. Open to trade with other comics.

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Meetup at east side in the evening on weekdays. Central or East during weekends but subject to availability