Xbox One/One S Hard Drive Upgrade/Rescue Service HDD


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‼️This process will void your warranty with Microsoft, please acknowledge this before contacting me‼️ I'm offering a Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade service. Yes, that's exactly what you think it is. I will upgrade your console's built in HDD, whether 500GB or 1TB, to 1TB or 2TB. This will not only increase your storage but also speed up your Xbox, if you choose a performance drive like the Seagate Firecuda below. I will also be able to rescue your Xbox One if the hard drive has stopped working. You will also have the option to replace it with a 1TB/2TB drive you already have (must be a 2.5" SATA3 disk), or purchase one from the pricelist below. Options such as a full SSD drive can also be had on special request. Please contact me if so :) ❌Hitachi drives CANNOT be used ✅Unlike other hard drive mods, this one is proven and tested to survive though factory resets and updates. There is a 3 month warranty from me for the mod, 2 year warranty on the hard drive if bought from me. **Pricelist** Seagate Firecuda SSHD 1TB: $125 2TB: $185 Service Fee: $50 for either Xbox One and One S **Order Procedure** 1️⃣Chat me up on Carousell and let me know what model Xbox you have (One/One S), what capacity it currently is (500GB/1TB), and what you wish to upgrade to. 2️⃣Place an order by transferring the price of the hard drive to me via Bank Transfer/PayNow/PayLah/PayAnyone. This is done as the upgrade hard drive needs time for preparation (3-4 days if I am not busy). 3️⃣Schedule a time for me to pickup your Xbox. I will come down to your place to personally pick it up. 4️⃣I will change your hard drive for you and test functionality to ensure everything is working. 5️⃣I will deliver the Xbox back to you together with the original hard drive that was in the Xbox. Feel free to message me for any questions. Thank you!

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