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Xndo Protein shakes from the retail shop - selling at a loss because I am turning lactose-intolerant and cannot take skimmed milk. Good as a replacement meal or a complement to your meal as a low-calorie healthy snack/beverage. I've a mix of all flavours and I've a number of them- each 162-168 calories! Price is for each box. Contains 3 Sachets. Store Price $16.95; Online Price $13.56. Expiry date all Aug-Sept 2018 5 boxes of Pomegranate 11 boxes Coffee Latte 8 boxes Passionfruit 3 boxes Chocolate Xndo Protein Shakes are protein dominant and importantly, contain no sugar and empty carbohydrates. They contain a unique blend of premium quality whey protein concentrate and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) to ensure that you maintain and repair muscles. The high potency formula feeds muscle, boosts metabolism and promotes fullness all in a delicious convenient easy-mix shake. Benefits High protein formulation prevents muscle breakdown, builds and maintains lean muscle mass >45% protein from whey concentrate High potency MCT boosts metabolism and satiety Get your healthy chocolate fix and protein boost all in one in this creamy chocolate shake. Enjoy this chocolately treat hot or cold.