Xtremist GT 2017 - Fishing Rod


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🎰 ONLY LESS THAN 100 PIECE IN SINGAPORE. 📛MODEL SPECIFICATIONS: XT700MH Length: 7'0" Lure: 10-35g Line: 10-20lb Action: medium heavy. 📛Equipped with: 1. Original full Microwave guides from USA (Total 8 guides) 2. Original FUJI reel seat 3. Luxurious exotic blue rod blank made in Korea 📛Advantages of this custom built Rod: 1. Allows angler to cast even further with the enhanced microwave guides from USA to reduce friction between the line and guides. 2. Improves Rod Performance 3. Increases Casting Distance 4. Improves Casting Accuracy 5. Improves Rod Balancing 6. Reduces Overall Rod Weight 7. Smoothest Effortless Cast 8. Requires Less Energy To Cast 9. Carefully built to fit Singapore terrain, 7" is the best length to reach the distance you want with your lure. 10. 1-piece rod to maximise the fullest potential. ‼️FREE ‼️rod sleeve and Hook keeper would be given for every rod purchased. *while stock lasts Great fishing for local reservoir fishing. Best action you can get, especially Temensis and Peacock bass. Superb action for Tomans! Deal at woodlands or my convenience only. Anglers who ride down to collect are advised to bring along a sling rod holder. Tags: fishing, luring, fish, shimano, daiwa, major craft, rapala, conquest, biomaster, twin power, Stella, certate, ryoga, temensis, peacock bass, toman, fishing lure, lure, fishing rod, fishing reel, rod, reel