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Yamaha R1 (Feb 2029)







Hi all! A super mint condition Yamaha YZF R1 (model year 2008) for sale. - original Yamaha paint is still BEAUTIFULLY intact. - under my care, this beast is parked indoors (work and home) and covered with a bike cover when not in use. This bike spent 4 weeks at the workshop with a full overhaul done. There was nothing wrong with the bike, just a 10-years preventive maintenance. I spare no expense for my bikes. More than 200 man hours was done on this bike! - Bike is still on warranty! - You are getting essentially a new R1! - If you ride this only for the weekends, you will need no further visits to the workshop for the next 10 years other than regular engine oil changes. - Receipts hardcopy are with me. - I have spent about S$15,000+++ on this bike (excluding number plate) Inspection passed on 27 June 2019. Road tax renewed until 05 August 2020. Things done in overhaul: 1. Engine (top and bottom - everything!) taken out and every part checked for its working condition 2. Timing chain 3. Tensioner 4. Valve clearance 5. Valve grind 6. Piston removed and washed 7. Injector washed and tuned 8. New Spark plugs, Toyota coolant, OWS engine oil 9. Water pump 10. Magnetic coil - FZ1 (longer lasting) 11. Head Gasket, cam cover O ring 12. Coolant hose - need to change, changed a couple 13. Bridgestone S22 Tires (more info below) 14. Rims spray 15. Starter motor 16. Lower link 17. IU tied to ignition 18. Thermostat 19. LED white side lights and main headlights (H7 6500) 20. Many more (too many to list) It rides smooth as butter at low RPMs and fierce as a Lamborghini at high RPMs... Way too much $$$ has been spent on this darling. Will detail every single thing in person with buyer. Bike comes with special bidded number FQ53L. - number of MotoGP rider Tito Rabat (who was famous for having the record most number of points when he won Moto2) - FQ plates are classic 21 year old plates! (Released in 1998) - the plate itself is worth more than $6k! Details of this Beauty/Beast: I) COE ending 28 Feb 2029 II) mileage 90,000km+ III) knee grips IV) electronics and lights all working V) Colour - Gun-metal grey/black VI) Stock suspension is in superb condition VII) Stock engine fiercely low and growling VIII) Original Motovation Frame sliders IX) Stock Nisin brakes (excellent braking power for safety) X) straight through Gianelli end cans with very deep bass and added power XI) special work done on the exhaust system (will explain more in person) XII) New 14R PowerRoad Lithium ion battery (with warranty fro MotoWorld) XIII) new clear windscreen XIV) HEL stainless steel brake cables Features of the 2007-2008 R1: 1) Yamaha’s YCC-I system (Yamaha chip control intake) - variable intake funnel length controlled by Yamaha’s proprietary electronic computer chip 2) Fifth generation R1 (all new from 2006) 3) Features all the Yamaha R1 2006 SP (limited special edition - only 500 in the world) technology and added with even more features 4) Yamaha’s YCC-T system (first R1 with fly-by-wire technology) - simply put, the proprietary Yamaha computer chip monitors your throttle positions at 100 times per second! 5) New 6-pot brake calipers (confident braking) 6) Horsepower upped to 180 bhp 7) 10mm higher screen (useful for touring!) 8) New chassis (body/frame) 9) incorporates Valentino Rossi’s championship winning M1 technology (2005) and silver medal M1 (2006) 10) first R1 to use the 4 (titanium!) valves per cylinder - all previous models of R1s have 5 (steel) valves per cylinder - purpose of this is to save weight and turn up the power-to-weight ratio 11) All new swing arm 12) All new front fork 13) Slipper clutch (first R1 to be equipped) 14) 600cc handling/feel with the power of a 1000cc Other stuff on it: A) New latest Bridgestone S22 tires (front and back) Front - 120/70 Rear - 190/55 - they are much better than the Pirellis! - Excellent grip in dry/wet conditions - Reported to be able to last 10,000km B) New slim IU with leather cover worth carbon fibre design C) Engine oil change always Fully Synthetic - inside is OWS currently D) Road tax renewed until 5 August 2020 E) RaceShield headlight protectors F) Lamborghini style brown leather seats (with breast-implants quality silicon) - can change back to black leather seats if you wish G) Komine saddlebacks (expandable to 36L each!) Whatsapp me for more photos and videos (walk-around the bike). Have a listen to its wonderful pristine engine and you will be blown away. (I myself was totally drawn to it after first hearing when the engine started.) - bike is in superb condition. - absolutely nothing needs to be done to the bike (buy and ride away!) Outlook - 9.9/10 Engine - 10/10 (I would have sold the bike for lower if not for its excellent condition.) This bike is the last of its kind: - the smooth inline 4 cylinders engine runs with less vibrations compared to the Crossplane engine from 2009 onwards. - that is why this bike is excellent for touring (comfortable!) - riding posture is also not as extreme as the new 2015-2019 R1s - no pesky ABS/ Traction control systems to disturb your riding! (Why pay more for these high tech systems that we don’t need?) Ready for touring/tracking at Sepang! - hopefully Pasir Gudang Johor Circuit will be done soon for you to track! - Bike has never been tracked. Full loan/ refinance available. - depreciation for this bike is only about $100/month! - the new R1s are costing $52,000++ ($628 a month) - the new R1Ms are costing $62,000++!!! ($749 a month) (A new Yamaha R15v3 costs $16,600 now, and works out to be about $350 a month) This BEAST of a machine is Yamaha’s top-of-the-line flagship model (with much more potential to unlock)! - with a new 10 year COE, you would really be able to enjoy this beauty for many years to come and even enjoy tweaking its performance with many many aftermarket parts (which are selling for discounts!) Reason for selling: - Family man (married with two young children) - Need to up savings - I can’t fully utilise this BEAST’s potential! Will pass to you: - original master key (with master electronic chip to be copied over onto new keys) - original Yamaha ignition key - stock exhausts - extra bulbs - headlight protectors (plastic Velcro on) Will further throw in: 1. Full tank of petrol of your choice (I always pump Caltex premium 98 petrol) 2. High quality bike cover 3. Rarely used Kabuto Kamui full face helmet Check out its 5 star reviews: Read how to mod this bike to rival the 2014 R1! - these motorcycle experts and enthusiasts preferred this 2007 R1 (2007 and 2008 are the same bikes except for new paint schemes) better than the 2014 R1. This R1 is faster and lighter than the 2009-2015 R1: Come and view and talk bike! God bless! Lee 90298259

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