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4 major features 1, medical grade oral care 2, 5,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine heritage 3, Safe to baby and pregnant mommy! 4, the world's first Chinese medicine oral care mousse 6 big selling point: (i) 1.4 billion people have had this wonderful experiences! Traditional toothpaste can not meet the needs of teeth, pathogens deep and dental slits (ii), full 360 degrees of comprehensive care More directly in-depth clean up the teeth, penetrate the oral corner, clean the oral environment (iii)foam mousse more moderate care Do not hurt the teeth gums, more than 10 billion bubble molecules, for oral intensive care Moreover,it removes the bad breath effectively It acts as an Active foam molecules, a comprehensive conditioning oral ecological balance, lasting fresh tone (iv) 24 hours personal oral care experts One time to solve the black teeth, yellow teeth, tooth decay, dental calculus, bad breath, plaque, gingival swelling and pain, mouth ulcers and other oral problems (iv) Characteristics: 1, mild bubble mousse: infiltration of teeth and oral corners 2, the plant active ingredients: clean up the mouth of the precipitation of pigment 3, mint cool factor: giving fresh breath in a day! (v) effective whitening teeth Strong penetration into the dental microporous structure, and enamel in the pigment molecules, the occurrence of redox reaction, the effective elimination of yellow teeth (vI) rapid removal of plaque With antibacterial gingival effect, inhibition of oral dysplasia bacteria, to help prevent oral odor How to use: Gently shake the bottle, and use it normally like u brush your teeth using the toothpaste! #anti-inflammatory, sterilization# clean mouth #the effect faster #cleaner #convenient bringing out Brand: Yamei#Glamourtouch Type: Others

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