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Selling my beloved Yashica that I bought in Japan. The only compact rangefinders to sport a 35mm f1.8 lens. Just like your Fuji X100's. Aperture priority. Mechanical shutter can also shoot at a fixed speed if battery runs out. CCN version is newer and has better electronics than CC version. Superb walkaround, street and travel camera. It's compact size means that you can carry it everywhere you go, not missing any photo opportunity. Rangefinder is accurate and has more contrast than my Leica M6. It's so easy to operate this camera it feels almost like a point and shoot. And it definitely has its own charm, this camera. Read more: Camera Cosmetics- 7.5/10 Mechanics- 9/10 (everything works except the battery check light. But you can check battery power by half pressing the shutter anyway) Optics- 9/10 (minimal dust specks) I can provide photos taken with it on request! Have a look at my page for similar items! Yashica Minolta Olympus Pentax Konica Canon Nikon Contax Leica Kiev FED Zenit Rollei rangefinder camera vintage film compact Electro 35 gt gtn gs gsn gn 35mm f1.8 f 1.8 hi-matic himatic 7s Canonet QL trip trip35

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Central or west area Preferably near EWL stations