YBR 250. (Yes It's 250cc) Coe 2020 Cash And Carry On Installment $130 Till End Next Year.


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Things I've change. Rectifier Battery New front and back sprocket. New chain New Changed stater carbon New Rear tire Its ybr 250, not the 125, so drz pick up also can chase. This bike have a 19.5 liter fuel tank and can last very very long on a single tank range. Good pick up and quite fast for a reliable bike. It's quite a tall bike , so short people want t to reverse abit problem. 😂 Things that suck for now. Meter not working but digital fuel gauge all working, seat got cat scratch#&£-@_£-?!!!! And tank got abit dent. Apart from that it's ride and go bike. Beep me at 88216112. I'm letting go soon. Can Nego but don't too much ah, later I hate you. 😆

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Jurong or West side