Share This With Friends Yema modular helmet Modular helmets are helmets that can flip up the entire front (like in picture 1). This allows it to "transform " to a half face. For riders who want to smoke and ride at the same time There is 3 sizes L - 56-59cm XL 59-61cm XXL 61-63cm specs: 1. ABS polymer for visor and helmet 2. anti - odor 3. clip on buckle 4. anti glare lenses 5. Double visor (optional) 6. high ventilation design, 2 vents, top and bottom 7. easy removal and replacing of visor Colours (in picture 3) 1. Red 2. Shiny black 3. Matte black 4. Yellow 5. Ruby red 6. white 7. lemon yellow 8. blue 9. orange Feather designed ones (picture 1) 1. black 2. white 3. matte black

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