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What’s in a package : Solar Paper, pouch, string (for hanging), panel connectors, manual Basic specification.    1. About 23.7 solar cell efficiency.  2. USB Output : 5V, 500mA per panel, regulated. 3. Dimension : Main (9 x 19 x 1.1 cm), Sub (9 x 17.4 x 0.2 cm)  4. Weight : Main 75g, Sub 65g

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Bishan Singapore, Singapore

- Meet up at bishan mrt near pasta mania - Bring exact cash or do bank transfer to POSB savings 209-79821-2 - Let me know the chosen color and the Quantity of each color before meeting - Will take 10 business days to deliver once the payment is made

Mailing or Delivery

- Notify me before transfer of cash - Transfer to POSB SAVINGS 209-79821-2 exact cash - Delivery will be made within 10 buisness days once transaction is made - Include delivery details during the purchase. - Leave mailbox open if one day delivery