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You Can! Make A Living Online! David Vallieres 7 Weeks Course (With Lot's of PDF Materials and HTML Couses)


11 months ago by valuegoodies








From: David Vallieres, Dear friend, My name is David Vallieres. You may not know me... yet. But let me tell you a little more about myself and the reason I can help you earn as much money as you do in your full time job and, possibly, much, much more on the Internet... I am a real person, just like you. I once worked for a living too... once as the deputy commissioner of urban and economic development for the upstate New York community I live in. I was also the CEO of 2 not-for-profit corporations that built new homes in my community. I've been online since 1995 and I started my Internet business in 1996. I devoted myself full-time to my Internet venture in November 1999 and quit my job. That was a mistake because I was not prepared... I struggled, I struggled a lot... for the first 2 1/2 years I was online full-time I made less than $1,000 a month until I finally found the "key" to Internet success in 2002 - remember this was a full 2 1/2 years after I went full-time! Talk about piling up debt and hard times! Finally I 'discovered' the REAL secrets to online success... the stuff that the 'gurus' don't talk about. When I 'discovered' this secret in March of 2002 I went from earning $500 in one month to making an amazing $9,700 the very next month! You read the correctly ... I went from $500 to $9,700 in ONE MONTH. Since then I have amazed myself at how easy it is to make money online (once I discovered "how") and my best month was over $24,750. My 'average' income now hovers around $15,000 per month while spending less than 2 hours a day on my business! I have no employees, have an office in my home and enjoy my life like never before... but I was just where you were not very long ago - what made the difference?? I'm not bragging. My point is to encourage you, so that you know that if I can do it, you can do it too. My previous background actually hurt my chances of success as you'll read about in this training. So you do not need any special training, background or previous business experience to make your living online. This course will tell you, show you and teach you what made the BIG difference in my income and how you can do it too. I created this 7 week intensive training program, You Can! Make Your Living Online!, to help you get on the fast track to Internet success. The Course teaches you how I was able to transform my small online income into an automatic powerhouse money machine! Whether your goal is to simply make extra money with your Internet venture or to make $100k+ income or to join the ranks of the INC 500 fastest growing companies, my training program will get you ON TRACK and on the FAST TRACK to a successful online venture, in any niche, in just 7 weeks. "A System That Simply Works, For Any Business Online!" You can have all the success you want on the Internet if you learn a few basic principles and apply them with skill. My program cuts through the BS that most information products on the Internet are full of. You'll be the beneficiary of an education that's taken 8+ years and over $100,000 in testing to discover. Now you can stop the insanity and become successful in any business you choose on the Internet with this 7 week fast track training program. Make no mistake: This program is hard-core and a boot camp for success online. Do not make the mistake of comparing it with 'courses' or ebook or books you may have read about "how to make money on the Internet". It's completely different than anything you have seen or heard of online. It will kick you in the pants, and when you think you are ready to sit down and get comfortable, it will kick you again! It is the toughest course you'll ever take anywhere... it pulls no punches and tells you straight-out exactly what you need to succeed. This course will change your life if: You've read all the books on Internet marketing but are still struggling to make money online You're sick an tired of 'making a living' by helping other people (your boss) get rich while you can hardly afford a vacation or extra things for your family You're sick and tired of being poor and you're ready to do something about it, right now You're almost ready to 'give up' on the idea of owning your own business (don't! There's STILL hope) You think you need contacts with important people to make really good money in your own business (you don't!) You think that the your lack of time, money or contacts is keeping you back... they are not keeping you back. There's only ONE THING keeping you back and it's not any of these things. You think that making money is hard to do... (it's not. My income went from $587 to over $9,700 in a single month was because I found out is was EASY and SIMPLE to make money, not hard. In fact I did it in LESS TIME than it took me to earn the $500 a month. How can I say that? Because it's true...and I'll show you how) You've dreamed of having your own online business and you feel it's about time I finally did something about it. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in or want to start. This program will work for you! It is the best program of its kind for entrepreneurs who really want to make money online in their own business, faster than any other 'system' or program of it's kind. There are some people online who "play" at being in business... they don't really want to make money, they just like to fool around on the Internet. If you are one of those people I cannot help you. You will not enjoy this training because I tell it like it is and tell the truth, for once, about what it takes to succeed. "Bottom line: If you don't want to hear the truth, then don't take this training". The program is very unique, and you have never seen anything like it on the Internet or off the Internet. Each week for seven weeks you'll discover the secrets of a successful Internet venture that you can model, adapt and modify and use for any business... yes, any business online or offline. It doesn't matter what your experience level is on the Internet or if you are a total "newbie" I can show you how to be successful in as little as 7 weeks. "Can This Training Really Help You?" Can it help you start and succeed in your own Internet business ...with no experience? Yes, it can! Can it help you make a million dollars? That, I honestly don't know, but I guarantee that if you want it badly enough I can show you how to go from zero to real success in a shorter time than any other program of it's kind on the Internet. Even if you are an experienced webmaster you will not find a program that will help you pump more money out of your website than this one. You will learn how to make money non-stop, in less time than you ever thought possible. "Make More Money In Less Time and Have More Fun!" If you're spending more than 2 hours a day and making less than $100,000 a year on the Internet then you need to take this course. I'll show you how to make more money in less time and have more fun doing it. You have a unique opportunity to get 8+ years worth of a 'hard knocks' education and $100,000 in testing compacted and compressed in just 7 weeks in "You Can! Make Your Living Online!". But there are some people I cannot help. I'm not going to be able to help you if you don't believe in yourself or have no confidence in your ability to learn, have no motivation to improve your life or business or are just curious about this training and are not really passionate about making your living online. "Do You Value Your Time and Your Money?" This training is for entrepreneurs who value their time and money. Instead of trying this or trying that, testing this and testing that and wasting time and thousands of dollars in hopeless schemes, I can show you in just 7 weeks how to go from zero online presence to making more than $100,000 a year or more in your own business online. Now, I can't guarantee that you'll make even one penny as a result of this training. In fact, it would be foolish for me to guarantee you any results since I don't know you or your abilities. What I can guarantee is that I will show, in this training program, how you can make $100,000 or more per year in just a few hours each day. Isn't that worth learning? What price is freedom? I mean freedom do be able to make money at will, take days off whenever you want, vacations, homes, cars and the type of freedom you cannot buy: Time with family, friends and loved one's or yourself. "Seven Weeks Of Intense Training, A Lifetime Value" Here's something else you should know: This training is as useful now as it will be 10 years from now. I have created a program that does not depend on the advances of technology. It works now, and no matter what advances are made on the Internet in the future, it will still work. I have provided you with the 'essence' of success and a specific business model that will always work on the Internet. But that's not all. You take the training for 7 weeks but you'll have access to the online training facility and any updated lessons for life, so if there are any changes to be made to the course you will always have the latest information absolutely free as an alumni of the training program. "You are invited to join me online, now, for... 'You Can! Make Your Living Online!' A Training Workshop and Personal Coaching event!" A New 7- Week Course is Available Now!! Let me tell you a little more about this exciting program and how it will work. First, only a few people will be allowed in. It will be a combination of an online Training Workshop and will include assignments and essential bonus material (some if it worth twice as much as the price you'll pay for this course alone.) Second, YOU are going to learn how to make money non-stop online with the very same system I use every day to generate a generous living on the Internet! This is not theory... you will learn EXACTLY what the BIG DOGS in marketing do to make a fortune online. In fact, it will be the FIRST TIME EVER I will reveal EXACTLY how I now make $15,000+ per month income online and how you can copy my success. As an enrolled student you will be given a special username and password to enter the area for each lesson. Once there you can print the current lesson, the assignment, any announcements and surprise bonus learning materials! One lesson will be provided each week for 7 weeks. The goal with this Training Workshop/Coaching program is to turn you into a FULL-TIME Internet entrepreneur making as much OR even more money than you can working in your job...! And once you absorb the 'principles' of my system you will be able to duplicate it in ANY business - online or offline- you want to pursue to create a fortune for yourself and your family. THAT is my personal goal and my commitment to you! And if you know me, you know that I will OVER-DELIVER to make sure you receive all the training you need to start making your living online! Let's see exactly what you'll be learning in each lesson: LESSON 1, WEEK 1: REALITY STRIKES! What REALLY Works Online. Why Most People Don't Get It. Why You Listen To Everyone Who 'Thinks' They Know Something About Online Marketing and Still Don't Know What To Do. What's Your Job As A Marketer? The Secret. Suddenly rich! (Part1). Why You Need To Make Money Everyday, and How To Make It. What Do You Want To Talk About? Tools You Need To Start Being Successful. Now You Have A Direction and A Goal! RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR THIS LESSON. BONUS LEARNING MATERIALS. Surprise BONUS Learning Materials! LESSON 2, WEEK 2: MARKETING MAKEOVER! The Marketing Mindset. How Common is Common Sense? Why Do Most People Fail At Business? (the real reason). You Have To Get Over It. What It Takes To Be Successful On The Internet. Marketing 'Gimmicks- The Shame of the Internet Marketing Community. Finding Out Who Your Customers Really Are. Finding Out What They Want and Finding Out Where They 'Hang Out'. How much can you make? (Part 1). Prospecting Online, The Right Way, The Wrong Way. EBAY. PPC's (Google AdWords Secrets). CoReg's. Websites. Ezines. Blogs. Your Daily Marketing Priorities (Part 1). Core Marketing Strategies. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR THIS LESSON. BONUS LEARNING MATERIALS More Surprise BONUS Learning Materials (Videos) LESSON 3, WEEK 3: CONTENT THAT SIZZLES! Ideas Are Hiding Here. Copyright Secrets. Do Not 'Type' Do This Instead A Way to Create Content. Public Domain Another Way to Create Content. Different Content, Different Skills. Gold Posts - Another Way to Create Content. Your Ezine - Another Way to Create Content. The Power of Questions - A Way to Generate Product Ideas. Drop-Dead Simple Content Creation - Another Way to Create Content. What Your Readers Need and Want. Secrets of Hiring Writers To Create Your Content. How To Legally Use Someone Else's Ideas, Sell Them and Keep 100% of the Profits Without Their Permission. The "Review" Method of Writing and Creating Your Content. There's No Such Thing As "Writer's Block". The "Brain Dump" Method of Writing and Creating Your Content. Positioning Your Information Product. SHOUTING, YELLING and ANGER. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR THIS LESSON. BONUS LEARNING MATERIALS. More Surprise BONUS Learning Materials LESSON 4, WEEK 4: SELLING SECRETS! Reality In Selling Online. A 'Little Known' Fact About Surveys and Focus Groups. Now That You're Starting To Build Your List. Why You Don't Need A Sales Page To Sell Most Of Your Products. I Love/Hate Affiliate Programs. Breaking Pre-Occupation and Entering the Conversation In Your Prospects Head. The Seven Ways. Where 80% of Your Income Will Come From... How Much Can You Make (Part 2) . What You Need At Least 2 Low-Priced and 2 High Priced Products Of your Own To Make Your Living Online. What Is A 'Marketing Calendar' and Why It's Critical To Your Success. How To Take Payments Online Simply And Easily. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR THIS LESSON. BONUS LEARNING MATERIALS. More Surprise BONUS Learning Materials! LESSON 5, WEEK 5: THE GOLDEN KEY TO PROFITS! Building, Maintaining, Growing, Trusting. Who Are You? Are You Going To Leave Me? (Each communication from you is another opportunity for you to build trust.) Where Did I Go Wrong? Using Common Sense. Understanding Your Customers and Prospects. This Is Not Right! Your List Is Dysfunctional Get Over It! Info, GADGETS, Plans Software What Sells Better? They BUY When... The MASS PSYCHOLOGY of Your LIST. Creating A WEALTH GENERATING MACHINE. Modifying the System. Setting and Forgetting Your System on Auto-Pilot. That is PASSIVE income... CREATING WEALTH. A 'Common Myth' EXPOSED About Business and Marketing. EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS FOR TRAINING PARTICIPANTS LESSON 6, WEEK 6: THINK AND SUCCEED! Eliminate EVERY Barrier To Your Success, Immediately. Money For Free and The One Belief That Kept Me Poor. What Do You Believe In? One Word That Will Change Your Life Following The Crowd Will Get You What The Crowd Has- Nothing. Breaking Through The Crap In Your Brain. Why Thinking Independently Is Your Greatest Personal Asset. Trickle Down... Why You're Probably Reading The Wrong Things. At The End of The Day, Did You Make Any Money? Or... The Nitty, Gritty Details of Running Your Online Business. Your DAILY Marketing Priorities (Part 2). Your FINAL KICK IN THE BUTT! and Why FEAR Is An Asset. Suddenly Rich (Part 2). Special BONUS Learning Material. FINAL WORDS OF ADVICE. BONUS LESSON 7, WEEK 7: THE LAST THING YOU'LL EVER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY, ANYTIME YOU WANT, EVER AGAIN! I discovered something HUGE... It could literally be the BIGGEST money-making method that hardly ANYONE knows about, uses or talks about on or off the Internet. I can't say another word. It's literally "top secret". I hope you join me for this session of my Training Workshop/Personal Coaching program, "You Can! Make Your Living Online!". It's only held once in a while so if you don't get in now, there's no telling when you will have the opportunity again. Besides, are you really willing to put your future on "hold"? If you've known me for a while, you know I will OVER DELIVER. I really want you to start making your living online!! One question that the 'un-initiated' (someone who has NOT taken my course) asks is, "You're not really going to reveal EVERYTHING you know about making BIG money in this course, are you??" The answer is "OF COURSE I AM!"... you're going to get warts and all... my failures and my success, my quirks and personal glimpses of my rather "ODD" behavior, attitudes and most importantly my "marketing mindset" that has made me extremely successful. But you know what? I didn't become successful through working 'hard'... in fact I work LESS now than when I was struggling trying to make $500-$1,000 a month! Anyway... I hold NOTHING BACK... NOTHING. You got that? NOTHING. You get ME, ALL of ME...the good, the bad and the ugly... and how I make profits online that you can duplicate, instantly upon completion of this course. Why would I do that? I mean, if I am as successful as what I say, why would I reveal my BEST and most intimate details and secrets to you? One thing I have learned is that the opportunity online is so HUGE there is no way you could ever hurt my business. It is that BIG...I have only begun to scratch the surface and there is plenty of opportunities for everyone.

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