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Each Heating patch is 9.5cm x 8cm INGREDIENTS: Artemisia vulgaris, Ginger Root extract, Angelica sinensis, Sinomenii Caulis, Tourmaline powder, Activated carbon. ✅ 100% NATURAL HEAT THERAPY with smokeless moxibustion herb patch for fast and lasting pain relief particularly in joints, lower back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, leg and menstrual cramps with no side effects. ✅ CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE simply open packaging and stick the patch to pain area or acupuncture point. Each heating patch is 9.5cm x 8cm, odourless, non-toxic, and can be used while performing regular daily routine or even long-hour driving. ✅ DEEPER HEAT PENETRATION to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and disperse cold and moisture to ease pain. Activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis, soothe pain relief, and provide 6 to 8 hours of continuous pain relief and comfort. 🍀 悠家·艾热灸 ~ 新型艾灸疗法 艾热灸是传统艾灸(艾条)的升级版,让艾灸更加简单!男女老少四季皆宜的大健康产品。悠家艾热灸功效众多,且已经过多次的临床检查,已申请国家专利。 艾灸中药包的成分: 艾粉萃取物,生姜萃取物, 当归,风藤, 托玛琳发热粉,活性碳等。 使用方法及其简单,身体哪个部位不舒服就贴哪里,效果长达8-12小时,随时贴上,也可随时揭下, 使用方便! 持续发热8到10小时,通过热力+药力直达病灶,可以祛湿散寒,疏通经络,对于颈椎病,腰椎,空调病,痛风,关节炎,肩周炎,腰疼腿疼,宫寒痛经、月经不调,小孩感冒发烧便秘以及各种因寒湿体质引起的不同症状等有显著疗效 🍀 艾热灸,体验时代和传统结合的力量。 ①无烟无火,绿色养生 ②现代科技,创新灸療 ③经济实用,百姓养生 ④操作简单,家庭保健

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