Your Customised Travel Route Map Round The World - Pin Up On Wall


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This is a semi customised map of travel which u can place on your home wall as a decorative n memorable piece of art - sharing bonding times with your loved ones, dotting down where u have travelled n plans for the future. The world map, 76cm by 49 cm in size will be featured as a backdrop. U and yr loved ones can then stick the stickers in the country u have travelled - stickers showing mode of transport n year of travel. U will get customised stickers of car, coach, plane, train, Cruise ship, year of travel (15pcs of travel mode n 15 pieces of year of travel =total of 30 pics of stickers - u can indicate how many pieces of each type of transport n year of travel which can include future years.) Additional stickers above the complimentary 30 stickers can be sold separately. U can also have add-ons of special items stickers that u remembered fondly such as humpback whale sightings, taken the hot air balloon, did boat rafting, deep sea fishing, Northern Lights, bear sightings, para sailing, etc., at extra charges. An art piece of everlasting memories.... bind that memories with your other half, kids and parents....