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ZEOLITE 1kg for 200L water


Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre





ZEOLITE 1kg for 200L water Meet at amk aquarium shop 10-7pm post add $3 each kg Aquariums filter ZEOLITE - A natural product that effectively absorbs excess nutrients, ammonia and nitrites from the pond water, improving fish health and reducing algae problems. 1kg treats up to 200 litres. • 1kg - $6.00 • 3kg - $15 • 10kg - $35 • 20kg - $60 Zeolite removes ammonia to keep water clean and fish safe. Zeolite is a natural ammonia-removing mineral for use in freshwater aquariums. It works well in both newly set-up aquariums to help prevent "new tank syndrome" and in established aquariums to prevent sudden "surges" in ammonia. Zeolite works in all types of freshwater aquariums. As with all zeolite it is best to rinse before use. Zeolite * Binds ammonia and heavy metals * Highest ammonia binding capacity of any zeolite * Removes harmful metal ions like lead, copper, nickel and zinc * Marine & Freshwater Overview a naturally occurring, highly-porous mineral that binds ammonia and heavy metals through an ion exchange mechanism. It has the highest ammonia binding capacity of any available zeolite; ten times higher than some products and twice the capacity of the closest competitor. It won’t deplete calcium in saltwater, and it won’t increase general hardness in freshwater, where the ionic strength is low. Tag Aquarium sump tank fish tank eheim fluval hikari Interpet sun filter koi pond glass tank

1 month ago In Fish Tank Accessories

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Nice and healthy aquatic plants ☺️😀 good for aquarium set up. Hope to deal again next time.