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LIMITED TIME OFFER 1 Box @ $33.90 BUY 2 Box get 1 Box 7sachets Trial pack for free ZERO+ Zero Toxin Lemon Detoxifier Zero + 柠檬果味排毒王 (15 sachets/Box)READY STOCK!!! INTRODUCTION | 產品簡介 Suffering from annoying constipation and bloating? Having high cholesterol health issue? Feeling sluggish and lethargic? ZERO+ is an all-natural digestive wellness kit which is developed and formulated in North America to tackle the three main causes of poor digestion: bacteria overgrowth, constipation and poor nutrient absorption. A healthy digestive system can help result in improved regularity, less bloating, more energy, better sleep and healthy-looking hair, skin and nails. This colon and bowel detox kit is mainly designed as a weekly rapid detoxification or an one month gradual cleanse. Detoxing the bowel regularly not only provides the equivalent of a 'spring clean' effect, it also supports the colon and liver so they can perform their important filtering role more effectively. ZERO+ contains a blend of tonic herbs and functional food to support cleansing and bowel function, and other key nutrients to support colon and liver detoxification. It may be undertaken as a rapid one week detox, or a more gentle detox over one month depending on your lifestyle and condition. 經常有便秘和腹脹的問題? 有高膽固醇的健康問題? 經常感覺很慵懶、昏昏欲睡? ZERO+是一個由北美研發的全天然消化系統保健配套。它能夠有效的解決消化不良的三大主要原因:細菌過度生長、便秘和營養吸收不良。一個健康的消化系統可以改善身體規律、減少腹脹問題、人體變得更有精力、擁有更好的睡眠和健康的頭髮、皮膚及指甲。 這產品主要是做為七天的結腸和腸道排毒,或是長達一個月的逐步清除。定期排毒不僅能達到淨化人體的功效,也能讓結腸和肝更有效地發揮其重要的過濾功能。 ZERO+富含多種滋補和功能性極強的有益食品,及多種關鍵營養素以支持結腸及肝臟解毒。它可以被當作一週性的快速排毒,或者是超過一個月的、較溫和的排毒療程。 BENEFITS OF ZERO+ | ZERO+ 的好處 [1] Acting as a Digestive Detoxifier: The herbs contain natural prebiotics and probiotics to help rid the body of bad bacteria that can potentially cause gas, bloating and lack of energy. 促進消化系統:草藥含有天然益生菌,能夠幫助清除可能會導致脹氣、腹脹和精神不振的細菌。 [2] Acting as a Digestive Cleanser: This lemongrass, lemon balm, and lemon extract combinations gently brush the lining of the intestinal wall to help eliminate built-up waste and toxins. 淨化消化系統:ZERO+ 成功混合香茅、檸檬香脂和檸檬萃取物,輕刷腸壁以幫助清除殘留的囤積物和毒素。 [3] Acting as a Digestive Drink: ZERO+ is the perfect digestive drink to help promote regularity and a healthy digestion. ZERO+ proprietary herbal selection, in a delicious lemon drink, gives your body the daily fibre you need to help keep your body regular. This formula creates a gel to help bind toxins, fats and cholesterols to reduce their absorption into the body. It's never been easier to have a healthy digestive system! 提升消化功能: ZERO+ 幫助身體達到有規律和健康的消化系統。 ZERO+ 專有的草藥混搭,給您的身體提供每日所需要的纖維。這個配方將產生一種凝膠來幫助身體排除囤積的毒素、脂肪和膽固醇。 WHY TAKE ZERO+ | 為什麼服用 ZERO+ Toxins play havoc with our physical health. They reduce quality of life and are the cause of many ailments. They skillfully poison us, slowly over time. Day by day pile up in our bodies and we lose the energy to expel them in such huge quantities. After a few years, our health begins to fail and we end up miserable as we develop one disease after another. So if you are tired, lack of energy or are missing the enthusiasm to do anything – that is a sign your body is in urgent need of a detox treatment. Fecal masses that don't excrete accumulate in the body. It can amount to pounds in weight. And toxin sit in the intestines, poison us slowly but surely. Storing up dangerous substances takes years. It is a silent but deadly process. STOP! It does not have to be this way. You can save yourself from these horrors and secure a healthy life for yourself. Embraces ZERO+ today. 毒素嚴重破壞我們健康的身軀,而且大幅度降低我們生活的質量。毒素巧妙地、一點一滴地隨著我們的生活堆積在體內毒害我們。這絕對是許多疾病的源頭。如果不及時施行對策,我們的身體將無法在短時間內清除堆積許久的毒素。 再過幾年,身體將開始衰退,而最終我們會因為身體囤積太多毒素而漸漸地受到病魔的糾纏。所以,如果您經常覺得疲憊、精力不足或對任何事情都缺少積極性 - 這代表您現在很需要一個排毒療程。 不能成功被排泄的糞便將積存在體內。如果讓毒素附著於腸內,它們將慢慢的毒害我們。雖然這需要數年時間,但它絕對是一種無聲卻致命的過程。 讓我們從今天開始一起遠離這些惡夢,讓 ZERO+ 徹底改變您的人生 QUALITY ASSURANCE | 品質保證 Are you looking for an effective and proven detoxification formula? A recipe which is scientifically tested and proven? ZERO+ have undergone laboratory tests at Medallion Labs, Minneapolis, United States. 您是否正在尋找一種有效的排毒配方?一項已經測試和鑑定的配方? ZERO+ 是經過美國明尼阿波利斯的獎章實驗室所進行的一連串測試後所得到的成果。 The SUPER BLEND of ZERO+ with SYNERGISTIC Effect | ZERO+的協同效應 The blend consists of carefully selected herbs and functional food to ensure the quality of detoxification is met. Each ingredient is tested in lab and all extractions are done via Supercritical Fluid Extraction Method to guarantee the level of standardisation. 這完美配方是混搭精心篩選的草藥和多功能食品所調製而成。每種成分都經過測試,然後經過超臨界流體萃取法以保證一致的規範化水平。 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | 常問問題 Q: Who is suitable to consume ZERO+? 誰適合服用 ZERO+ ? ZERO+ is suitable for those who are having trouble losing weight, or feeling sluggish and lethargic. People who are suffering from constipation also get benefits from ZERO+. ZERO+ 特別適合那些經常感到疲倦、懶散、無精打采及肥胖人士。患有便秘問題的人士也適合服用。 Q: Why should I take ZERO+? 為什麼我需要服用 ZERO+ ? Toxins are entering our body from every medium such as air, water and food. Although our body is able to eliminate toxins naturally, the amount of toxins entering our body is much higher than our body can handle. With ZERO+, it effectively restores and improves body detoxification functions and aids in expelling toxins from the body. 毒素可從任何媒介進入我們體內,其中包括空氣、飲水和食物。雖然身體擁有自然的排毒功能,但是毒素的侵犯遠比身體的排毒過程還要快。有了 ZERO+,受損的排毒功能將會被修復和改善,有助於將體內毒素和囤積物排出體外。 Q: When is the best time to consume ZERO+? 什麼時候才是最佳服用 ZERO+ 的時間? It is advised to consume ZERO+ before bed time. This is due to the optimal period of body to absorb nutrients is from 10pm to 6am. During this period of time, organs are restoring and functioning at the peak to ‘heal’ our body. ZERO+ will also be absorbed at the maximum level. 身體吸收養分的最佳時段是由晚上10點到早上6點。這段時間是身體各個器官自我修復的高峰期。因此,我們建議臨睡前服用 ZERO+ 。 Q: What should I take note when I am consuming ZERO+? 在服用 ZERO+ 期間,我需要注意些什麼? Taking as much water as possible (2-3 Liter of water throughout the day is recommended). Water is the best solvent for toxins as well as body needs enough water to function well, not just for keeping your body hydrated but also to eliminate toxins from your body. However, do not consume water in a large volume at once. This will ‘trigger’ the diuretic function of body and eliminate the water without being absorbed. Separate the water consumption into several times, 300-350ml at a time. 一天至少飲用2到3公升的清水。水分是溶解毒素的最佳媒介,只要有了足夠的水分,毒素就會變得較為容易被排出體外。此外,身體也需要足夠的水分來維持各個器官的運作。但是切記,請不要一次性飲用過量的清水,這將會刺激身體的排水功能,並把水分在還沒有被吸收之前被排出體外。正確的飲水方式應該是每次一杯 (300-350毫升)便足夠。 Q: How to maximise the effect of ZERO+? 如何提升 ZERO+ 的效果? It is advised to consume more portions of vegetable, fruit and water to enhance the process of detoxification. Do avoid oily food and heavy meal as this might affect the process. Exercises are also recommended in order to help in eliminating toxins through perspiration. 我們建議您多食用蔬果和飲用充足的清水以幫助排毒的功效。我們也建議您避免攝取高油量或過大的餐量,以免影響身體排毒的過程。運動也可以幫助體內毒素以排汗的過程進行排毒。 PRECAUTION | 注意事項 Always consult your physician before starting any detoxification program if you are under any medication. 不適合腸胃紊亂、心臟病、腹瀉、噁心、嘔吐人士、用藥患者在服用前應先諮詢醫生意見。 DIRECTION | 服用方法 Mix 1 sachet in 150-200 ml of lukewarm water. Stir well and enjoy your drink. Consume before bedtime or whenever needed. 將一包ZERO+倒入一杯150-200毫升的水裡。攪拌均勻後,於每晚睡前服用。 STORAGE | 保存方式 Keep in a cool dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. 保存於陰涼及乾燥處。避免曝曬於陽光底下。

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