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bloopballoons Wow for $32 you expect for 🎈 that last for few days with personalised msg n 10 latex 🎈 ? We quoted $53 cos u Wan the delivery quote in the end ur friend came 2 collect . N u mentioned u stayed at Batok. Anyone want self collect of course is go to the person place . Didn’t replied cos we were bz and it slipped our mind.N also the shipment gt delayed. We ain’t rough with words, we were calm all along . To all sellers please beware of this buyer. Anyhow accuse people. We provide ss if you ask

I was truly quoted $53 for a balloon that lasted 1 day. That’s a fact. I didn’t lie, I can send you screenshot. I gave you a feedback about the balloons ( I didn’t ask for a refund ) and you mentioned you will compensate me with another balloon ( not together with the small ones ), and you didn’t. It’s a fact that the balloons only lasted 1 day. And a fact that balloons were quoted at $53. And a fact that you got angry and rough w your words because of my comment at your feedback section.


bbstory Great buyer to deal with! Buyer make the effort to collect at my convenience. Punctual! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies. Thank you!

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