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twailite After waiting for 6 weeks, then was told dyson airwrap out of stock when I asked. I would assume seller would already know if airwrap is no longer available for preorder before the 6 weeks waiting time is up. Requested for refund thereafter, told me will take 6 to 14 days. Asked on the 16th day after she told me refund is processed, told me will take another 3 days, that refund will be in BY 28th Dec, 2359. Jan 1st 19, have not gotten any refund. *update* Received full refund today 2nd Jan 19


mitchell22 After 47 days still no sound no picture on my stock. Agreed to refund within 14 days. I only got back PARTIAL of the refund after 44 days! I have to keep asking her for update every few days and finally got back my full refund after 78 days! It was my mistake that I did not ensure that the seller accepted my offer, and I am unable to leave a review. I requested her to accept offer, she refused. I lodged a report with Carousell. Dishonest & unrealiable seller. Beware.

Refund already in for you many days ago .Even PO not successful we will refund !


pbgshopper Refund took very long and didnt kept her words .. Payment i did was very prompt and every payment made was notified to her . BUT when told her to refund back since cant accommodate with her timing and schedule, she kept delaying bit by bit .. Lost my patience ..

We give u a free puma slide on brand bew because u say you can wait n when 1 pair of chanel item is here w size 41 u say u dont want already n you whole 1 yr not in spore . Do u think is fair for me to bear a huge losses now !

Account managed by 2 . Pre order item are all authentic In the event if po is unsuccessful , Refund will be arrange in 6-14 working days time . Never fail to refund To avoid misunderstanding ps read before buying . If not comfortable pls dont enquire 💰
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