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ee919 I’ve rented 3 cars from them over the past 2 years and really enjoyed their excellent service, quality of the cars they rent, the reasonable and competitive pricing but most importantly is the respond of service whenever there is a need .... it’s very efficient and prompt. Will surely recommend anyone who wants to rent a car to drive as a private hirer or for personal use to look for this group of awesome guys.


pearlygates I am renting a vehicle from them and I do like the prompt replies and constant and timely follow ups. I have rented vehicles from a few vendors before and the way SL1 operates impressed me thus far. They are organized and systematic, which is pretty rare among car rental companies. Group chat is set up to give you precise information on exact dates and amount of rental that has been paid to date and next due date. They are also friendly and comfortable to deal with. Overall, the best leasor I have dealt with so far. Strongly recommending!


adelynseow I rented a car from SL1 over the weekends. After the a couple of hours, I noticed the IU was not working and did a check with the staff. They responded promptly to help me validated that I was using the IU correctly. One of the staff even contacted me to help. When I told them that my concern was if I needed to pass through ERP, he agreed and offered to swap the car for me over the phone. Soon after Sujanto suggested the same thing to his staff over WhatsApp. The Nissan Latio that they swapped for me was in very good condition and it was a very nice drive. I have to say that the services rendered were prompt, professional, friendly and welcoming. I will definitely rent from SL1 again.

SL1 is a car renting business catered to different purposes. Our aim is to provide the best quality service and car quality to our customers!
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