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buttonface I engaged them for my wedding this Dec 2018. Over the months leading up to the wedding, they had helped me to come out with the flow of events, checklist and reminded me of deadlines. On the wedding day itself, they were really a great a help in making sure everything runs smoothly. They may be new in this industry but they offer heart and soul for their clients. Their price for their service also very good. Do consider and have a meet up with them.

3 months ago

hanter Sherry and Yu Ning were part of Team Bride, and they took up our request of no-food gate-crashing like a gem. They were spontaneous, as well as generous with the attentiveness given.

4 months ago

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Wedding Planner • Virtual Assistant Whether it is a journey to the big day or tackling business’ day-to-day tasks, the team of gals behind SYNPLICIFY came together with a humble mission of lending the most sincere pair of hands to make your life easier.
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