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hanjisung friendly and polite buyer! pleasant transaction, would deal with again! thank you :)


cryskhoo bad experience dealing with this buyer , mentioned that will make payment by 23 November, then dragged to 26 November. It’s 28 November and payment have not been received. Tried my best to offer my best service and even said this morning that if payment is not received by 1pm the deal is off. Buyer acknowledged and did not make payment. i canceled on afew other buyers due to this 1 person. Hope you deal responsibly next time and only make an offer if you can make payments promptly.

sis u gotta understand that my full time job isnt to b on carousell & i have my own life too so yes although its a fault on my part that i said i wld make payment by a certain day but i dragged it until now, i didn't mia or not reply u when im online and stuff like that. if you'd like i'll xfer later on and we can settle this deal if not iM rly sorry for this bad experience, wont happen again!

fund mi plz 😩 these are mostly impulse buys that are in amazing condition but just doesnt suit me so give these babies a new home :') no extra measurements i'll give u d size and that's all
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