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notmorethan15dollar Pleasant and hassle free transaction! Decisive and replies promptly as well. Would love to deal with her again. Thank you! 😊


devilic Very responsive seller, very punctual. Item In good condition defintely will deal with her again thanks


ntemily Hello if you are not selling pls at least have the courtesy to inform me. Such an unethical seller. Exchanged a lot of msgs and confirmed with me that she is selling the ukulele to me (i confirmed with her) but end up being sold to others without informing me. When she asked me if I can meet i replied yes & gave her my phone number but ended up she ignored all my msgs. Ive been waiting for her to meet up cos she told me she can only meet weekends. Pls think twice if you want to deal with her.

Firstly, I did not promise to sell it to you. Secondly, our timings do not match at all. How am I supposed to meet you? Thirdly, this buyer here, WHATSAPPED me and told me she can meet me now and to my convenience. Fourthly, Carousell gave me NO notifications at all and I don't come I to carousell if there's no notifications. So that is the reason why I didn't reply you? Please do not assume just because everything doesn't go your way. I am a very trustable seller, I had great feedbacks. Zzzzz.