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billydegoat22 Pleasant transaction! Can use a little more work in replying...many clashes in meetup timings and last min changes after confirming meetup timing and location. But overall we managed to meet up. She was very polite in the replies and offered to meet at my convenient location😊


haiii_357 Item has been collected by my MU helper, will update on item condition! First MU my Cousin messed it up so I’m sorry bout that, but second time with my helper was agreed to be at the MRT but instead it’s bus stop?? So I have to pay extra commission... Collected items! As described so thank u!!


floralcigg_ DUN FUCKING DEAL WITH THIS KID. Fucking dead buyer lol, mia for fucking long, told me to reserve to oct in sep den now alrd November LOL, say what no money need save the pocket money to meet i said okay, last min told me she not gonna get one of my items and like lol i oso offered her discount sia lmao. Jokes. Now i sent her alot msg to cfm meetup NVR REPLY WHEN SHE ONLINE LOL BITCH.

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